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Mallorca (Majorca) travel guide

Virtually everything you need to know about Mallorca

Weather in Mallorca

mallorca is just about perfect in the Spring and Autumn, with mild sunny days. In the summer, especially in August, it is so hot that the locals close up shop and leave for a months holiday. The winter can be chilly with snow on the tops of the mountains. Click here for more information about weather in Mallorca

Mallorca Language

The local language of Mallorca is Mallorqužn, an Eastern dialect of Catalan which is spoken from Valencia up to Southern France. All the state schools in Mallorca teach in Mallorquin with Spanish as a second language. Read more about Mallorca Language.

Mallorca Geography

Mallorca's geography is incredibly varied with the beautiful Tramuntana mountain range, long sandy beaches, craggy coastline and the central plain which produces the islands wine and olives.More information about the geography of Mallorca

The History of Mallorca

The earliest inhabitants of Mallorca were people who lived from the sea. The first place used as settlements, dating back to 4000 BC, were the large number of natural caves dotted around the Mallorcan coastline. Click here for more information about the history of Mallorca

Mallorca Culture

Long before its beaches ever became known, visitors to the Island of Calm, were fascinated by Mallorca's monuments, buildings, art and literature. Click here to read more about Mallorca Culture

Mallorca Books

Books about Mallorca. Lots of guidebooks, maps, walking guides, scuba diving guides, rock climbing and a selection of autobiographies and much more. Click Here to buy books about Mallorca

Traditional Mallorca Food

Traditional Mallorca dishes include the delicious lomo con col, pork loin with pine nuts, raisins and sausage wrapped in cabbage and braised in the oven.Click here to read more about traditional Mallorcan dishes

Mallorca Maps

We have created a number of maps of Palma, Mallorca and the resorts. Click Here to view our maps of Mallorca

Rent a Car in Mallorca
Address: Joan Miro, 328B, 07015 Palma de Mallorca, Islas Baleares