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Activities - Walking and walks in Mallorca (Majorca)

Walking in Mallorca - Castell d'Alaro Walk

A very popular on walk on Mallorca to a mountaintop chapel ,and ruined castle, at the end of which you are rewarded by stunning views, and best of all a cold beer!

It is possible to walk to the castle from the town of Alero or Orient both walks taking about 2 hours. If you are feeling a bit lazier, a much easier option is to drive up to Es Verger restaurant and walk from there, which takes about an hour in total.

The drive up to the restaurant is a bit hairy as the road is not in great condition and there are many hairpin bends without barriers. However once you are there there is plenty of parking anf the walk to the castel is not too tiring.

The castle itself dates back to Moorish times, and was virtually inpreganable. The arabs managed hold off the Christans for 2 years after the Christian invasion of Mallorca. The grisly tale is that once the Arabs lost control of the castle the Christians threw the screaming defenders off the top of the mountain, when you are up there looking down the sheer sides, it's very easy to imagine...

Once you reach the castle don't stop as just 100 yards more brings you to a hilltop castle and a bar serving hot and cold drinks and sandwiches.

When you have descended again to Es Verger restaurant we highly recommend stopping for lunch. This family run restaurant is famed for its roast lamb and suckling pig. Don't expect to be served in a hurry, sit and relax, have a glass of red wine and savour the bustling atmosphere.

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