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Mallorca (Majorca) Alcúdia Day Trips

Things To Do In Mallorca


In the North East of Mallorca lies the historic town of Alcúdia. This ancient walled town is typical Mallorca and although the crenellated wall is a mostly modern facsimile of the medieval original, the lovely houses behind it are mostly original. The Phoenicians settled in Alcúdia in 700BC to facilitate their trade with the Spanish mainland. Later, the Romans built their capital Pollentia on top of the earlier settlement when they arrived 600 years later. This was destroyed in 426 AD by the appropriately named Vandals. The name Alcúdia comes from around 800AD when the Moorish named the town "Al Kudia" which means "about the hill".

A good place to visit today in Alcúdia is the Museu Monográfic which houses a wide assortment of recovered Roman artifacts. Close by the museum one can see the remains of a the Roman Pollentia, but much more impressive is the Theatre Romá, a Roman amphitheatre which is the smallest of the 20 amphitheatres that can still be seen in Spain. The Theatre Romá is a pretty 10 minute walk to the South of the old town. 500 Metres North of the Theatre Romá is a signposted footpath to the Oratori de Santa Anna, a small but pretty medieval chapel.

Other possible visits:
Alcudia Bay: AcuaticPark HIDROPARK - S'ALBUFERA Natural Park, flora & bird watching.
Campanet: MENESTRALIA, Glass handicraft - Natural CAVES.
Inca: SHOE & LEATHER centre.

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