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Mallorca (Majorca) Day Trips

Day Trips

Sa Calobra & Torrent de Pareis

North coast. From the Inca - Soller - Luc road.
A wildly popular day trip on the North West of Mallorca is Sa Calobra, a really quite spectacularly beautiful cove and beach. Sa Calobra is accessed via an exhilaratingly winding road around Puig Major that will have you and your passengers gasping as it falls more than 2000ft (800m) in seven miles (12km) on its snaking way to the coast. Sa Calobra's unique nature make it a hot spot for the millions of package tour holiday makers that visit Mallorca every year so unfortunately the spot can get somewhat crowded, even in the winter months, especially in the more than adequate car park!

If you want to avoid the hassle of the roads you can access Sa Colobra at a more leisurely pace by sea from Port de Soller. The trip by sea is a pleasant one as you pass by truely deserted coves and beaches and, if you are very very lucky, spot dolphins in the deep blue water. At Sa Calobra a stroll along the gorge through hundreds of feet of tunnels will have you marveling at the high rock walls. Your eventual destination is to Torrent de Parreis (twin Streams) a pleasant pebble beach..

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